A warm welcome to Albumprinter

Albumprinter, a Cimpress company, is a young and dynamic company with our headquarters in Amsterdam and factory in The Hague. We started in 2003 with the development of software, production and marketing of premium photo books. Today, we serve the key European markets with multiple consumer brands such as Albelli in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Albelli UK & Bonusprint (The United Kingdom), Onskefoto (Sweden), FotoKnudsen & Allfoto (Norway).

We combine the opportunities of the new digital online era together with ‘traditional craftsmanship’ of book binding and printing. Besides serving consumers, we are also the provider of photo books for some of the major retailers in the Netherlands and abroad. Since our start we have grown to become a market leader in photo books in Europe and are one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies.

At the core, our continued growth is largely due to a complete focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty along with an energetic and high-performing team. The team driving Albumprinter are e-commerce specialists, developers, designers and genuine photo enthusiasts. The software developed by Albumprinter’s team of in-house experts has already won several awards. Albumprinter is dedicated to become the leader in the photo book printing industry. Through continuous improvement and innovation, we make an effort to offer our customers a great user experience and high quality photoproducts to preserve their lifelong memories.

In November 2011, we became part of Cimpress, a global leader in mass-customization and web-to-print. Cimpress is listed on the Nasdaq (CMPR). In November 2014, the company changed its name from Vistaprint N.V. to Cimpress N.V. and retained all customer facing brand identities.

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Tristan Money –
Managing Director